Cat Behavior

Training Your Kitten or Cat to Use the Litter Box
Welcome to potty training 101—for you and your cat that is! Just as potty training a toddler takes some time, patience and commitment, so will training your kitten or cat to use the cat box. Read more >>

Is Your Cat “Poo-Pooing” His Litter Box?
Does your cat tend to use your house as his bathroom instead of the litter box? The problem could be the litter box itself. If your cat is neglecting to use his litter box, perhaps you have been neglecting it too? Read more >>

How to Dog-Proof a Litter Box
Sure, you may expect your cat and dog to fight like cats and dogs, but you probably weren’t expecting this little twist: as you round the corner to grab a midnight snack, you catch Fido making a midnight snack out of your cat’s litter box (yes, your dog is feasting on cat poop!). Read more >>

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box from Smelling
Just because you can’t see your cat’s litter box doesn’t mean you can’t smell it. Here are 5 helpful hints for keeping cat box odor to a minimum. Read more >>

Toxoplasmosis and Litter Boxes
t seems like everywhere you turn there is new news on what to avoid while pregnant. The list of what to watch out for can be daunting. One such hazard you may have heard or read about is avoiding your cat’s litter box while you are pregnant (thankfully, cleaning your cat’s litter box is one job you may not mind giving up for a while). Read more >>

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