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Scooping over 10 million doggie deposits every year, DoodyCalls is the nation’s leading pet waste removal service for dog owners and the first pet waste management company and franchise of its kind.

We believe in serving people who are short on time, but never short on love for their families, pets included. And we’ve made it our mission to put our customers first while always continuing to solve pet waste problems for the planet using our unmatched industry expertise. Through these efforts, we hope to make the world a happier and healthier place for everyone.

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Our story

The commute that changed everything

In 1999, Jacob D’Aniello and his future wife, Susan, were fresh out of school with student loans to pay and only $50 between them. Commuting home from work one evening, Jacob was listening to a radio talk show when an interview segment came on about a man’s career as a pet pooper-scooper. Jacob almost changed the channel, but then it clicked – this man loved his job! Jacob’s wheels started turning.

When Jacob shared his idea with Susan, she was immediately excited about the prospect of starting a business together. The following week, the young couple put together their homemade DoodyCalls website.

It started with a housewarming gift

The first DoodyCalls client responded to their website and wanted to buy the service for six months for a friend who had just purchased a new home. The friend’s pet had already left far too many “presents” in the yard.

Before Jacob and Susan knew it, they were leading double lives, scooping in the mornings and then changing clothes in the parking lot to go to their full time jobs. Their side business was thriving and they invested all they could back into their growing business, but success, they discovered, had its own timeline.

Risking it all, and never looking back

In 2004, Jacob and Susan look a leap of faith and quit their day jobs to focus on DoodyCalls full time. They established company headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, and began franchising nationwide.

DoodyCalls has since grown to over 57 territories in 23 states, and has been the subject of news stories in hundreds of publications. This includes two recognitions as the number one pet waste removal franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Franchise 500 list. To put it plainly, DoodyCalls is cleaning up!

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