Santa’s Elves Need Your Help!

You’d better watch out. You’d better not cry. You’d better remove pet waste. We’ll tell you why! Santa Claus is coming to town! That’s right, folks. Santa Claus has officially asked that his helping elves be considered after an unfortunate incident occurred last Christmas. “Last year my helper Bohbahgo became trapped in a pile of waste belonging to a Saint Bernard. We sent a rescue sleigh to him immediately, but it put a strain on the delivery team,” Santa explained.

Bahbahgo is Santa’s fastest delivery elf. After he was unfortunately marooned in a yard in Canada last year he began to raise awareness of the danger. “We want to get out and deliver presents to everyone on the Nice List, and even a few that found their way on the Naughty List for once,” explained the eager elf.fb-holiday-01

Santa and his elves have asked that everyone do their part in ensuring a great Christmas for all by picking up their pets’ poop. Your local pet waste removal company, DoodyCalls, is perfect for the job! For community members that are finding their time being spent with gifts and goodwill, this company is the best choice. They use elf-friendly tools that scoop the largest and smallest piles. Even better, you can rest assured that members of the DoodyCalls team find themselves on the Nice List each year, as they often donate their efforts to remove toxic pet waste at parks and other public areas. Merry Christmas, DoodyCalls!

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