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DoodyCalls Cleans Up America’s Front Yard

Entrepreneur Magazine: SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 When President Obama declared a National Day of Service on September 11th, the folks from DoodyCalls had already gotten a head start. Franchisees, employees and even the president of the pet waste removal franchise spent September 10th giving the National Mall a much-needed makeover by doing what they do best–scooping...Read More

For Couples and Neighbors, They’re Your No. 1 Friend in the No. 2 Business

The Washington Post: September 17, 2009 They swoop in when marriage counselors have failed, when all negotiations have broken down and Congress can’t step in to help. They are the nation’s poop scoopers. Just last week we watched these valiant men and women fan out across the Mall, executing their flawless flick-and-scoop technique to banish the...Read More

Doggone: New area franchise wants to clean up after your pets

MyCentralJersey: Aug. 11, 2010 Laid off information-technology executive Mark Midtgaard wants to be No. 1 in No. 2. He has launched a franchise business where, for a fee, he will clean up after your pets. “It’s definitely a low-tech business,” said Edison-raised Midtgaard. “But it’s a service that will never be dictated by technology and,...Read More

Clean up pet waste: It’s the law

The Post and Courier: Jul 9 2009 I received an e-mail from a reader who owns the local franchise of DoodyCalls. (Who knew there was a business out there that will come by and pick up your pet’s waste? But more on that later.) He suggested that I discuss the topic of pet waste from...Read More

Fields of Gold? Yes, in a Way

The New York Times: June 5, 2009 In rough economic times, Lashelle and Mark Davis have cut back on treats like date nights, their outings to New York City from their Westchester County home for dinner and a show. But Mrs. Davis has made it clear that there is one luxury she will not give up:...Read More

Here’s the scoop on the poop

The Randolph Reporter: September 19, 2008 Scooper in hand, Kevin Mahoney scrutinized the dew-sopped lawn with the intensity of a pirate seeking buried treasure. The 39-year-old Valley View Lane resident was looking for booty, but of a more, uh, ripe sort. Mahoney is the owner of DoodyCalls, a pet waste disposal franchise whose employees boldly...Read More
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