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Can I use dog poop as fertilizer in my garden?

Using dog poop as fertilizer for your garden may seem like a good idea. Cow and pig manure is used, so what’s the difference? It turns out, however, that saving dog poop as fertilizer might not be the best move. Here’s the scoop on fertilizing your garden in the spring.    First, let’s highlight why...Read More

How to dispose of dog poop in your backyard

You’ve scooped the poop, but what is the best way to dispose of dog poop in your backyard? Should you toss it in the trash? Can you compost dog poop? Is dog poop good fertilizer? Your team at DoodyCalls has some pro-tips on how to dispose of dog poop in your backyard. Here are a...Read More

Dog Facts: Dogs poop facing north and south

Is it true? Does your dog actually know the difference between north, south, east, and west? A new study suggests that dogs have a keen sense of the Earth’s magnetic field and a preference for defecating north and south. Here’s the scoop.    A team of scientists recently published a study in the Frontiers in...Read More

February Events for Pet Lovers in Fairfax, VA

February is a fun time for pet lovers! If you are a pet lover in Fairfax, VA, and the surrounding towns, we’ve got the insider’s scoop on all of the upcoming dog-friendly events. So grab your pup’s favorite leash, tie on their cutest bandana, and say the magic words: wanna go for a ride in...Read More

Dog Poop By the Numbers

Dog Poop Clean Up Calculator for Dog Owners Our mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place for people and pets. One of the ways we make our customers happy is by reducing the time they spend scooping poop so they have more time to do the things they love! You can...Read More

A Dog Poop Clean Up Business is Born

From student loans to picking up poop in yards, this is our pooper scooper story Most people don’t wake up in the morning saying, “You know what? I want to clean up dog poop for a living!” So, I thought it would be fun to tell you how I got started in the dog poop...Read More
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