DoodyCalls Pet Waste Stations Explained

DoodyCalls Pet Waste Stations

DoodyCalls has been helping communities manage dog waste for almost 20 years! We used our expertise to create a line of pet waste stations and bags that are both well designed and cost effective!

MCv2The DoodyCalls Master Chief ™
Pet Waste Station

Essentially a bag dispenser on a pole with a sign. Effectiveness is limited but any solution is better than no solution and getting waste bags in pet owners hands is half the battle.

Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

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The DoodyCalls Commander ™ Pet Waste Station

One step up from the Master Chief the Commander Pet Waste Station is an inexpensive, yet more fully functional solution, complete with both a bag dispenser and an open waste receptacle.  We recommend this  station for large, open common areas and walking trails.

Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

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adv2The DoodyCalls Admiral ™ Pet Waste Station

The Admiral pet waste stations is an attractive, durable and effective option for communities looking for sleek, tamper resistant pet waste stations that contains waste bags and their odor. We recommend the Admiral for use in high-density communities when the station will be located near homes or parking lots.

Available in roll and header bag styles, green or black.

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Mix and Match

When selecting pet waste stations, keep in mind that your community doesn’t need to commit to only one style. In fact, many don’t. For the most part, stations are not located near each other, which means that uniformity does not have a considerable impact. What really matters is that your community has well-stocked, durable stations that are in good working order for residents to use.

DoodyCalls is available to help you with choosing the right equipment to match your community’s specific needs. In fact, in areas where DoodyCalls provides service, we will come out and happily create a pet waste management proposal for your community, free of charge.

Ready to bring pet waste stations to your community? Our Customer Care Team is here to answer your questions seven days a week at 1.800.366.3922 and you can always visit DoodyCalls Direct to purchase stations online >>

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