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Pet Owners: 3 Health Benefits You Might Find Surprising

For many pet owners, the benefits of pet ownership are obvious and plentiful. You may be surprised to learn though, that the benefit of owning a pet extends past unconditional love and can actually be beneficial to your overall health.  Pediatrician James E. Gern, MD  explains on Web MD that his studies have shown that children...Read More

EPA Says Dog Poop is an Environmental Hazard on Par with Pesticides

Man’s best friend has a dirty little secret, and the Environmental Protection Agency is concerned. The agency estimates that just 2-3 days’ worth waste from only 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas to swimming or shell fishing within 20 miles. As Earth Day draws near, please...Read More

Concerns Over Not Picking Up Dog Waste

WBAL TV: April 3, 2016 Fred Telmanowski, owner of the DoodyCalls of Harford/Baltimore NE was featured on WBAL-TV 11. On Baltimore‘s morning news, Fred explained the need to pick up pet waste so as to avoid water pollution, the spreading of harmful bacteria, and to deter from attracting rats. DoodyCalls is proud to provide expert pet waste...Read More
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