Odd Jobs: Professional Dog-Poop Remover

Bloomberg Businessweek: April 10, 2012

Jacob and Susan DAniello 2Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and chief executive officer of DoodyCalls, can imagine only one scenario in which his business could fail. “If one day, everybody in the world woke up and decided they loved picking up dog poop,” he says grimly. “If it suddenly became everybody’s favorite recreational activity, that would be a terrible day for us.”

Luckily for D’Aniello and his company, which just celebrated its 13th anniversary, the world’s feelings about animal feces probably won’t be changing any time soon. People love their dogs almost as much as they hate the smelly gifts they leave behind. But for just $15 per week per dog, DoodyCalls will come to your home, apartment, community, or place of business and eliminate any evidence that a canine used it as a personal bathroom.

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