Make every day Earth Day: pick up after your pet

The San Francisco Chronicle: April 22, 2011

sfcWaste not, want not. Picking up pet poo may not be high on your “things-I-love-to-do” list, but it’s a basic tenant of being a responsible pet owner and a considerate neighbor. (HINT: When your dog poops in the cover of darkness, it’s still there, exactly where you left it, in the harsh light of morning — unless it’s stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe of course.)

And here’s another important thing to consider: pet waste is a major source of bacterial contamination in urban watersheds across the country.

In 1991, dog poop was named an environmental pollutant and placed in the same health category as petroleum and toxic chemicals by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). (Cat poop isn’t so great either and is another argument for keeping your cat indoors.)

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