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DoodyCalls Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Local Owners: Craig Hammer and Jo Ann Hatheway-Hammer

“I am so grateful DoodyCalls exists – they think about dog poop so I don’t have to!”

– Emily

We measure success by the yard

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DoodyCalls of Highlands Ranch, CO provides service to most of the Denver Metro. We offer twice-weekly, weekly, every other week, monthly and one-time special cleanings. We proudly back all of our services with a DoodyCalls 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Additional Pet Waste Management Services

Pet Waste Management Services for HOAs, Condos, and Parks

We sell, install and maintain the highest-quality pet waste stations for condominium, homeowner associations (HOAs), parks, and playgrounds. We work closely with property, park and condo managers to create pet waste management plans that fit each property’s needs. Our three most common services are:

  • Selling and installing pet waste stations,
  • Servicing pet waste stations, and
  • Picking up and disposing of accumulated waste in common areas.

Do you already have a pet waste station? We sell low-cost and durable pet waste bags that fit both card and roll-style litterbag dispensers.

Community Education

DoodyCalls is proud to have created the only Community Pet Waste Management Guide to help community managers better manage pet waste on their property. DoodyCalls has also created a library of educational articles intended to be included in HOA newsletters to help better educate residents about the importance of picking up after their pet. Finally, DoodyCalls is proud to create and maintain the Doody Free Water Project designed to educate people about the environmental impact that pet waste has on our community.

DoodyCalls Pet Waste Stations and Products

DoodyCalls offers a complete line of pet waste stations, litter bags, litter bag dispensers and all products related to keeping communities clean and pet waste free! We are not like other companies that sell pet waste products to communities because we don’t just sell pet waste products we actually use the products we sell! Visit us today at to purchase products for your community or HOA.

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For dog owners

DoodyCalls offers weekly, twice weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or one-time scooping services for yards of all sizes.

For communities

DoodyCalls provides communities with pet waste station setup and maintenance, existing station services, and common area clean-up.

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