DoodyCalls lays success to waste

The MetroWest Daily News: April 20, 2015

Jack Sheehy, owner of the Sudbury franchise of DoodyCalls, a pooper-scooper service, has a favorite motto for the company: “Business stinks, but it’s picking up.” Can I hear a rimshot please?

One can imagine that poop jokes abound for a company that proclaims itself to be No. 1 in the No. 2 business.

“DoodyCalls takes over where your dog leaves off,” says Sheehy. “We take care of your yard like nobody else…. Nobody likes cleaning up after the dog―especially when it is dark, cold or wet. But somebody has to do it and we know who that responsibility falls on, even though the kids promised they’d do it before you even got the dog. So it’s DoodyCalls to the rescue. Our friendly, fully insured, uniformed scoopers show up at your home weekly or every other week and make sure your yard is clear and free of any dog waste.”

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