Couple brings DoodyCalls to Concord, and beyond

Wicked Local Concord: July 7, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Wicked Local Concord

Photo Courtesy of Wicked Local Concord

“Duty calls” is a term Jack and Rosemary Sheehy know all too well.

Both are military veterans, the Navy for Jack and the Air Force for Rosemary.

Now, the term that describes the professional lives for this married couple is “doody calls.” Actually, it’s “DoodyCalls,” the name of their Concord-based, franchised business on Baker Avenue.

The name is on Jack’s black polo shirt, with the tagline, “When nature calls, we answer.” There’s another tag line, in big, white letters on the rear windshield of one of the Sheehy’s company trucks — “Got poop? We scoop!”

“All the time,” Jed Glass, the operations manager for the Sheehys, said of the frequent looks — and guffaws — he gets from motorists when they see him behind the wheel of the truck.

Homeowners, condo owners and dog parks hire DoodyCalls to clean up dog waste. The fee is based on the size of the yard, and the number of dogs a client owns.

Jack said the fee is $17.50 per half-acre, per dog, for a weekly poop scoop.

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