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BizMonthly September 2019 Pet Waste Threatens the Environment

Who you gonna’ call? The Business Monthly, page 10  

July 2019 InsideNoVa interviews Ron Cooper and Wayne Cooper of Stafford DoodyCalls

Poop Scoopers Making Messy Yards Spot-Less Keeping a dog’s living space clean is just as important as their overall health.  You’ve got to remove the toxins from the environment.  It’s not healthy to be around.    

July 2019 Maryland Patch Editors

DoodyCalls Helps Local Organizations Improve Waterways DoodyCalls teams up with Anne Arundel County to improve waterways

May 2019 Scripps TV Inteview

Don’t like picking up your pet’s waste?  Services aim to help. DoodyCalls aims to help people who simply don’t have time.

May 2019 CRBJ BizWire

Charleston Pet Poop Scooper is Cleaning Up (After Carriage Horses) DoodyCalls has now added street cleanup to their service routes.

April, 2019 Earth Day Reminder from DoodyCalls

Earth Day Reminder:  Scooping Pet Poop is an Environmental No-Brainer.
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