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DoodyCalls of Placer County, CA

Local Owners: Michael and Lois Gorman

We measure success by the yard

We are proud to be new members of the DoodyCalls family. When we found DoodyCalls we thought the match was perfect! We love dogs and have been very involved with rescues and dog showing!

Mike has been a greenskeeper, golf professional, and moaast recently an IT professional. Lois has been an office manager, human resources manager, and a stay at home mother. We have lived in the Sacramento area for the past 20 years. Our children have been lucky enough to grow up here and go to the local schools. We have been involved in showing dogs for 11 years and are active in the local English Setter Rescue.

Through DoodyCalls we hope to provide our clients with additional free time and spotless yards to enjoy year-round! Our service is professional, affordable, and friendly. We greatly value and appreciate all of our clients and always go out of our way to make them happy. We stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee no questions asked. If you are ever not satisfied with a cleaning we will re-clean your yard within 24 hours. We provide our service to residential households, home owners associations (HOAs), condominiums, parks, play grounds and more. We want to keep all of Pacer clean one scoop at a time!

Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to having the opportunity to show you the quality service we provide. We want to be your super duper pooper scoopers. We look forward to helping you keep your yard clean, safe, and healthy. After all, we are proud to be #1 at the business of #2.

Residential Service

Our residential service makes your life easier and removes the one part of dog ownership you want to do without—scooping the poop! Our professional technicians are uniformed, insured, friendly, and love animals. We come to your home in a clearly marked vehicle so that you will always know who is in your yard. We remove the waste from your yard on a recurring schedule, to help keep your family and yard safe and clean from the effects of pet waste. Pet waste contains bacteria that are harmful to humans and other animals. Along with the pooper scooper service we can also provide deodorizing services and brown spot treatment. Our technicians sanitize their tools after every job.

Starting as low as $12 per cleaning, our pooper scooper service takes away the burden of pet waste management and makes your life more enjoyable. DoodyCalls helps our clients have more quality time with their family and pets. We are YOUR super duper pooper scoopers!

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For dog owners

DoodyCalls offers weekly, twice weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or one-time scooping services for yards of all sizes.

For communities

DoodyCalls provides communities with pet waste station setup and maintenance, existing station services, and common area clean-up.

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