Businesses Giving Back: The Doody-Free Water Project

Tails Magazine: APRIL 29, 2014

We all know that unscooped poop is annoying, but did you know that it is also a huge environmental hazard? In communities throughout the nation, dog waste is seeping into water supplies and contaminating everything in its wake.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average dog discards approximately ¾ pounds of waste each day, which adds up to nearly 275 pounds of waste per dog annually. Responsible pet parents bag up the waste and toss it out, but unfortunately, not everybody takes the time. “Dog waste is a major overlooked environmental pollutant, and it’s also a health hazard” says Jacob D’Aniello, the founder of pet waste management company DoodyCalls. “Unlike other common residential pollutants such as fertilizer and rinse water from driveways, dog waste often carries bacteria and parasites that can harm the health of your family and pets.”

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